Adnams Beer
This trailer is one of our all-time favourites.
A standard 5m wheels-under trailer – TRANSFORMED.
Adnams has a unique 'Beer from the Coast' positioning – our sampling and sales trailer unit reflects this – designed and built by Bite – with a 'second skin' applied to the sides, and a folding roof which looks absolutely genuine.
So, the effect is 3 beach huts from the outside – and on the inside – well, it's like walking into one of Adnams beautiful stores rather than an event trailer.
The back wall is made from vintage fruit boxes, and with this we have a sales and sampling counter, cash till, refrigeration, hand wash – it's got it all.
There's absolutely no reason your brand can't be doing this – call or email with a brief and we'll bring out a core brand value.

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"Thank you so much  for creating the Beach Hut for us which has had amazing feedback from
customers at events and really worked well."
Liz Cobbold, Head of Marketing, Adnams PLC
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