Michelob 'Guerilla Chiller'
Hmm – if the name doesn't grab you, the real thing will – this is the most versatile of sampling platforms – perfect for chilled drinks and food – made to measure, 2 weeks' notice
We make these to order, and they're brilliant. Great flat sides for branding, pneumatic tyres which make this smooth and highly manoeuvrable, and you can feature a huge parasol to shade you from whatever the weather throws at you.
The unit includes a storage section, and this can be split to incorporate a refrigeration unit to use where you have access to mains electricity, or can be substituted for a giant cool box.
The top makes a great wipe-clean serving counter with an internal shute down to a rubbish bin – it has everything!
It's perfect for experiential marketing – particularly where the best option is some good old guerilla activity. As with everything we do, we can supply the Guerilla Chiller only, or can manage a campaign for you.
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