Baxters Soup Exhibition Stand
Can you imagine your product being brought to life like this – our exhibition stand for Baxters became the focal point for a massive roadshow promotion across train stations, shopping centres and major consumer shows.
Bringing the product packaging to life is always a winner, and this is possibly our best example – the giant pot showed consumers exactly what to look for in store, and acted like a magnet for the sampling.
Inside, we have a bank of microwaves, and a production rate of 13,000 samples per day.
This example is modular, and assembly is about 2 hours. It's possible to put the same concept on wheels as a bespoke trailer – assembly 10 minutes.
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"From initial presentation of creative ideas to overall campaign delivery, Bite Sampling has impressed us with their consistent high standards and expert campaign management."
Susan Smale, Marketing Manager, Baxters
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