Greencore Puddings
There's one sure way you can get your message out to millions quickly
and cost-effectively. Promotional vehicles.
And you have such a wide choice of vehicles - from VW's to ice cream vans, to catering vans and much larger.
This campaign for Greencore's frozen puddings converted an ice cream van - we removed the dispenser which frees up a lot of space, added a cradle at the back to carry the generator, and added cooking facilities – the result is a very nimble promotional van packed with everything you need to bring your brand to life.
Perfect for store car parks and guerilla sampling such as Wimbledon.
Promo vehicles are a cost-effective way to get mobile – let us know if you'd like more details or costs...

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"The van looks brilliant and…. You've handled all of the challenges from frozen stock through to perfectly presented piping hot product in volume – and you've done a great, professional job – many thanks."
Kelly Eastwood, Marketing Manager, Greencore Frozen
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