Green Sampling
It’s not just a fad – consumers increasingly have higher and higher expectations of brands – your campaign needs to be seen to be green, and Bite sampling can provide this with eco vehicles, LPG generators, on-site solar power, and experienced tactical low-carbon planning.
We’ve provided this for brands such as Duchy Originals, Ecotricity, Yeo Valley and Danone for many years.
Bite works with The Renewable Energy and Environment Group to plan the most environmentally-friendly way to get your brand out there. This looks closely at numerous aspects of the campaign – from the materials that your set is made from, through to fuel-efficient journey planning. We’ll also work with partners who share these values – such as hotels with low carbon commitments, natural ink-dye printers for literature, graphics, uniforms and so forth, our hired-in ‘green machines’ (LPG vans to you and I), working with low carbon energy producers (such as Ecotricity) at events, using responsibly recycled and recyclable disposables for sampling – the possibilities are endless, and we contribute to this wherever possible.

Accredited by REG
(Renewable Energy and Environment Group)
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