If you're new to sampling...

... here are two key things that might help.
First, a quick overview of what's out there. Second, a quick introduction to our Bite Size sampling – allowing you to dip your toe.
As you'll see from our TOP 10 FREE GUIDE (fill in one of the forms and we'll send you a copy), the selection of venue impacts on redemptions significantly – but of course this is more than compensated for by selecting high footfall venues, so there's a balance to be struck.


Sampling Trays

What's out there...

Well, a world of options – and it's essential that you take advice in order to avoid making costly mistakes. What's important is not the price or the bolt-on's, but whether that's the right venue, delivering the right prospective customers for you. Common high volume venue categories include:
Unlicensed venues such as street sampling, some sporting venues such as Wimbledon, outside tube stations, outside train stations. This style of sampling is usually referred to as Guerilla sampling – it's loosely regulated and relies upon sampling teams being responsible and reasonable.
Then there's the comfort of the indoors – the shopping centres, train stations, exhibitions and so forth – good venues attracting high footfall. The challenge for many brands is that these venues recognise the value of the consumers they attract, and accordingly charge significant premiums for their space – so these can be expensive places to start.

The great outdoors brings a host of opportunities – from store car parks to county shows, open air concerts, city centres, festivals, balloon fiestas, air shows, farmer's markets, food festivals and so forth. It's the perfect environment for low to high investment campaigns, well-defined audiences, excellent dwell times, and can be very cost-effective. It's where over three quarters of food and drink brands start their journey – and many remain devoted to the outdoor shows as this is 'home' to their loyal customers.

Whichever venue is chosen, choose space wisely – close to focal points, and by proven high footfall locations. Bite can negotiate and make these bookings for you – [ get in touch ] and we'll send you our recommendations.

Bite Size sampling

And for those new to sampling, we also offer the opportunity to dip your toe. Whether it's a straight forward dry sampling campaign or involving preparation of some kind, we can plan and implement a low investment trial campaign which will give you invaluable feedback from consumers and enable you to assess the activity's longer term role in your marketing mix. We call it Bite Size sampling – you could literally be up and running for as little as £2,000 - £3,000 for a branded set.

If you look at our example for Onken, this included a chiller van for the yogurt, a pop-up canopy, a trestle table and tablecloth and some branding for the table – the rest is just hard graft on the part of our specialist promoter – targeting 750 sampled consumers as they enter the store. Even at minimal investment, we're reaching 25% - 30% of those entering the store, and sampling 5 times as many as are sampled by an in-store campaign. It's an appealing proposition for any brand – and the redemption figures clearly show that the higher take-up from higher volume sampling more than makes up for in-store sampling's proximity to the fixture.

Even the sampling tray has its place – simple but effective, and perfectly suited to catching consumers on the go.

The beauty of our Bite Size offering is that we can test this for you in small low-commitment chunks – and with minimal fuss.

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