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Promotional Sets and Vehicles
We’ve been producing promotional sets and promotional vehicles for sampling campaigns for over 15 years. Two guiding principles help us to produce fantastic designs every time:
There’s a balance to be struck - our sets look appealing in order to draw in the crowds, but they’re also highly approachable so that we don’t scare them off. We produced and ran the highest footfall stand at BBC Good Food 2010.
The set needs to be practical – it needs to provide display space, food prep space, hand-washing facilities where appropriate, plenty of storage so that the set looks clean and tidy all the time.
Of course, there’s the ever-present third principle – we need to work within tight budgets. And our units of all kinds are built to last – so you can usually amortise costs over 3 years if that helps your budgeting.
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We’ll visualise a concept for you before we start the build process – from static units to tour busses, we’ll take care of it all
All design and build – from the exhibition sets to the mobile trailers – is by our skilled team. You can visit the workshops at any time, and we're always happy to email you images so that you can track progress. Here's how the Adnams 'Beer from the Coast' trailer took shape...
Any shape or size is possible – popular exhibition trailers are between 3m and 9m in length, and up to 5m can be towed by a standard 4x4 – which makes them incredibly versatile. The Baxters trailer is 4m, the Adnams is just 5m – as you'll see, the wing-style doors almost double the frontage. Set-up can be from as little as 10 minutes, depending on the complexity, which means that you can be almost instantly sampling to consumers.
Static exhibits can be simple display stands through to 10m x 10m or more – the Cadbury example was 8m x 8m, the Greencore stand at BBC Good Food (below) was 8m x 6m.
The complete build - with as much involvement from you as you wish:
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